My company airPHX | Sports has cutting edge technology, successful in other industries, that we customized for sports and athletic facilities to provide continuous infection control.  We began marketing to the fitness industry in early 2017, and we were lucky enough to connect with Wally Boyko and the National Fitness Trade Journal soon after.  With the cover of the Fall 2017 edition and an accompanying cover article, airPHX | Sports experienced significant exposure to the industry.  After only 60 days from publication, we have established contacts with gym owners and dealers, including government contractors, large chains and dealer networks.  The direct sales alone clearly demonstrate the value of partnering with NFTJ, but the future sales to industry, academic and government customers suggest a potential home run. Thanks to Wally, his professional staff and their collective contacts in the industry for supporting the growth of airPHX | Sports.


Bill Pommerening - President - airPHX | Sports

I have found that National Fitness Trade Journal hits the bull’s eye of my commercial demographics like no other publication can. PS-Don't tell my competitors...
Jay Vollmer - Director - Sales & Marketing - PowerBlock  
Since the launch of PRIME to the market in October of 2014, our primary message delivery tool has centered around a digital marketing strategy.  We felt using print was a more expensive and less effective way to reach our demo, with one exception – National Fitness Trade Journal.  NFTJ’s reach includes Military, YMCA’s, Health Clubs, Hospitality and just about any other segment of the market you can find – making it an easy choice for us to deliver a clear message to the entire market.   Two years later, NFTJ remains the only print publication in our marketing mix.  You won’t find a more dedicated, passionate, helpful and responsive group than Wally and this team at NFTJ.
Todd Prichard – Director of Marketing - PRIME Fitness  
Being in the fitness business since 1967, I’ve seen a lot of publications regarding fitness and fitness equipment. I must say, your publication is very well done with the glossy covers, quality information and photos. FIRST CLASS! It’s one of the few publications I read cover to cover because it tells the facts of the latest and greatest equipment on the market today. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Thanks,
Ron Hemelgarn  
Since we launched our family of products in early 2014, the National Fitness Trade Journal has been there to support our efforts.  Wally and his team have created a high-quality publication that is well designed, educational and relevant.  We have experienced tremendous growth and view our partnership with NFTJ an important piece of our strategic marketing plan for many years to come.
Kevin Feldman - Vice President Sales & Marketing - Green Series Fitness  
I just want to let you know how much I enjoy reading your publication. It is one of the few trade journals that I read on a frequent basis. One of the past articles that I remember well was on Hoist Fitness. Of all the trade journals I believe that yours does the best job of featuring exercise equipment and equipment manufacturers... Keep up the good work, and thanks again for providing your publication to all of us. Best regards,
Todd Smith - Las Vegas Athletic Clubs  
We have been advertising in NFTJ for 18 years. There are many reasons why we stay committed to our advertising campaign with NFTJ. First, the National Fitness Trade Journal provides a healthy mix of key markets to advertise our message to, which includes Military, YMCA’s, Colleges, Health Clubs, big chains, small chains etc—it affords VersaClimber a cost effective means of promoting our brand to a diverse mix of markets. Secondly, the actual book itself is high quality. It looks and feels higher end by featuring glossy stock paper – which is different from all the other B2B publications out there in our industry—this approach creates a longer shelf life—people keep the magazine around longer. Next, every year we take advantage of NFTJ’s 2 page editorial spread, where we can really get intimate in detail regarding the selling points of our product(s). The phone rings when we advertise in NFTJ, our advertising efforts pay off from the sales generated. Finally, NFTJ is time tested and proven to be successful, it’s proof positive why the publication has been around for 35 years.
Brett Collins -- National Sales, Marketing & Advertising Mgr. -- VersaClimber USA    
As a start-up company, it is critical that we make effective decisions regarding our advertising dollars. If we make mistakes, we go out of business. At Jacobs Ladder, we have been in business now for over 12 years. For all 12 of those years, we have chosen to advertise in the National Fitness Trade Journal. It is the ONLY magazine that we have stayed with for all 12 years. Not only is the advertising that we do focused right at our target market, but NFTJ has given us the flexibility to do things that other magazines have not. The magazine itself, is durable and tends to 'hang around' longer than other magazines. It's staff is easy to talk to and offers great suggestions to make our advertising even more effective. For all of these reasons, our experience with NFTJ has been great.
Bob Palka --  President --  Jacobs Ladder LLC    
MicroFit, Inc. has been in business for over 30 years and we have always relied heavily on the opportunities provided by the National Fitness Trade Journal to advertise. NFTJ is targeted to decision makers and it affords vendors an excellent platform for describing their products and services in a relevant context for the fitness industry at large. Moreover, Wally Boyko has been one of our most trusted and reliable sources of industry information. This has helped MicroFit to make some very strategic and critical decisions to advance our company objectives, particularly during this serious economic downturn. I can wholeheartedly endorse the benefits of our being associated with the NFTJ!
Rob Rideout  -- Co-Founder & VP of Sales  -- MicroFit, Inc.    
During the 32 plus years that I have been in this industry, the National Fitness Trade Journal has been the most important advertising vehicle for reaching the health, fitness and school market. Wally Boyko has dedicated his publication to helping the vendors to educate the industry regarding fitness products. The Trade Journal has never lost it's focus. If I could only have access to one marketing vehicle to reach the industry, it would be the NFTJ.
John Donati -- President/CEO -- Centaur Floor Systems    
Ivanko Barbell Company has advertised in the National Fitness Trade Journal for over fifteen years because it's a high quality publication and it has the most diverse circulation in the fitness industry. We have introduced new products, published educational articles, and advertised Ivanko using NFTJ as the most effective magazine for promoting the Ivanko brand and getting the Ivanko quality message out to the industry buyers.
Chet Groskreutz -- Vice President Sales & Marketing -- Ivanko Barbell Company    
Every year The Abs Company, like all companies, evaluates its marketing budget to make sure we are getting the best possible return on our money. When it comes to print advertising the market has certainly changed so we need to be sure that the publications we advertise in are well read and well respected. NFTJ certainly is BOTH. They do a great job and provide a great value for both the advertisers and the readers.
Sean Gagnon -- President -- The Abs Company    
We’ve had great success partnering with the National Fitness Trade Journal with our advertising efforts. The team there is responsive, flexible, and great to work with. The magazine which unlike others, is only published five times per year, means that every issue is unique, has original and useful articles, and we’ve found that the commercial buyers tend to read them thoroughly and hold onto them longer, rather than get tossed in pile with other unread publications.
Tom Baumler -- Product Management Director -- Torque Fitness    
I have tried various publications, with little or no success. The National Fitness Trade Journal has far surpassed my expectations. Not only is it the oldest/most established health and fitness publication in the industry, the NFTJ is a very stylish publication with a very sophisticated design and content that appeal to the very demographic we’re looking for. I am especially pleased with their creative department, as they are right on target with conveying our image and mission. If you are in the fitness industry and looking for a place to advertise, I would encourage you to consider the National Fitness Trade Journal, because it’s the right place to get your message out to the commercial buyers.
Gary Hood -- President/CEO -- Global Fitness Association    
When I started my insurance agency in 1995, I had to make some tough choices on how my company would get the word out in the Over the years, I have concluded that the National Fitness Trade Journal is the only publication that reaches the entire fitness industry with a classy publication. I have been a consistent advertiser for many years for this reason. I have chosen to advertise in the National Fitness Trade Journal for nearly every edition over the last five years to market both my financing services through First Financial and our youth fitness equipment through Champions Youth Fitness. In fact, when I decided to launch Champions Youth Fitness to the fitness industry, the National Fitness Trade Journal is the only advertising vehicle that I chose to invest consistently in to reach the market.
Paul Bosley -- Managing Member -- Healthclubexperts.com    
National Fitness Trade Journal is a top notch, high quality publication that has provided us with excellent exposure for the past 28 years. We will always advertise in every issue. The Boyko’s are great to work with and they take tremendous pride in their creation and production and it shows.
Joe Bommarito -- CEO -- HEX Tanning  
We are extremely happy with the response we receive from our exposure in National Fitness Trade Journal. This high quality publication generates leads from buyers from a wide spectrum of markets from the independent clubs to big chain clubs, wellness centers, universities, and professional sports teams. With a modest investment we receive great ROI.
Shelley Austin - Director of Marketing - Performance Health Systems, LLC